Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Soul-baring yarn?

So I finished both sleeves of Milano.  And you now how it is when the knitting is done and all that's left is finishing?

You need a little time-out.

Now the pieces are hanging on the shawl wall

 to remind me that one day soon I'll want to wear Milano. 
After DH walked by it several times,

he came up with an idea:  we need soul-baring yarn.  Yarn that as we knit it will show what we're feeling.  That we love the person for whom we're knitting.  That we need, oh, a spot of motivation to set in those sleeves.  That we love playing with yarn colors as much as other artists love playing with paint colors. 

Or maybe most all yarn is already like that.



1 comment:

  1. oh SOULbaring yarn...that could be dangerous for me. I LOVE your sweater. Carry on