Thursday, September 26, 2013

What now?

All my deadline knitting is done.
Lea & Lola in K1C2 Cozette.  Done.
Milano in nine colors of HiKoo Cobasi.  Done.
Latus in Malabrigo Finito and a zillion beads.  Done.

Before and After Scarf in Phydeaux Soie and half a zillion beads.  Done.

I even renewed the shawl wall:

Blocks of Color scarf in seven colors of Be Sweet bamboo.  Done. 
Cladonia in Malabrigo Finito and Malabrigo alpaca/silk lace and a zillion beads.  Done.

Rachel's wedding shawl is down to the beading, and beading is so not portable.

Even DH's new socks are done.  He wore them yesterday and they're in the wash so you'll have to wait for a photo.

What to make now?  I'm dithering with indecision.

I started a pair of Circle socks for me out of leftover Taiyo sock yarn just because it's helpful to have a pair of socks going in your bag.

I have enough heavy worsted yarn to make Churchmouse's Modern Wrapper, so that's a strong possibility.  Only the beginning is portable, though -- after that it's German short rows, which require 40 coilless pins, which I still haven't been able to get my hands on.

And Sarah wants to make Jane Slicer-Smith's Mitred Poncho so I've been playing with that.  Oddly, this may be portable enough to win out.

Will report in.


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