Saturday, August 2, 2014

In which Artemis models in the garden

It's a beautiful afternoon here in LK land.  After various chores, some involving actual physical effort, Artemis joined us outside for her first modeling gig in the garden:
Our garden is a little strange because it's designed for the bees.  One of which tried to chase me away as I photographed.  She and I had a little chat along the lines of "I'll be out of your way as fast as I can" from me while she buzzed around my hair.  Apparently there was some communication because she retired to that useful stand of bee balm on the left in the photo and got back to her own work, leaving me to mine.

Anyway, here's what I really wanted to show you on Artemis:

 This is a pattern called Spokes.  I saw it on Ravelry and immediately went stash-diving to see what I could experiment with. As you may have gathered, I'm addicted to modular knitting and to combining yarns and colors.
           You start at the neck, which allows you to see if your yarn combo is working:
I could tell immediately that yarns and pattern were getting along famously.  When I got to the odd short-row design in the center back I thought, what the hey and went along with it.  My policy is always to let designers have their way if the idea potentially makes sense.  Well, this one worked big time.  Spokes hangs perfectly.  It's the shawl I've been looking for almost as long as I'd searched for Artemis.  OK, maybe not that long.  But this one keeps your shoulders and neck warm.  That short-row action in the center back does the trick.  Brilliant.
I used Madelinetosh Merino Light in a gray-green called Celadon for the garter spokes and some Noro Silk Garden Sock for the gradient.

Then yesterday while working my Friday afternoon shift at ST I ran across a new Madelinetosh Merino Light color called Optic and fell in love.  I've combined it with an ancient skein of Misti Alpaca Sock in a color I don't think is made anymore:

Click on the photo to get the whole positive/negative effect.
This, folks, is why we keep stash.  You run across some yarn that's really gorgeous.  Then at some point two yarns or a yarn+pattern will suddenly work and you can't stop knitting.  Started this second Spokes last night. 

More photographs to come in the next few days.  Artemis and I (and the bees) have been busy.


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