Thursday, August 7, 2014


Time out from multicolor knitting for a bit of texture:
Suke-Suke Cowl by Olgajazzy (Ravelry pattern).  This designer invents stitch patterns you don't see elsewhere.  Suke-Suke has pleats and dropped stitches. 
Here's what it looks like before the drops:
And it's reversible.  Other side, after drops:
Artemis modeling:

The vivid green color looks accurate in the photos.  It's called Granny Smith Apple, in Feederbrook Common Ground.  
Come cold weather, Emily will wear this cowl. 

Now MA insists I finish my novel so she can find out what happens.  When someone else starts referring to fictional characters you've invented as real people, well, it's time to go to work. 


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  1. i've looked at that cowl before but never saw the stitch up close - thanks for the photo, lisa - it's a great stitch.