Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Minimalist Couture

I've always wanted to teach a knitting class that combines gauge and fiber information with fit and fashion.  The class that connects the dots.  It's a class that will take more than a few weeks.  Like anything done right, it's not instant gratification.

Minimalist Couture begins this Saturday at Wool & Co. in St. Charles.

This is my dream class.  It breaks all the rules.  

“Haute couture” actually means high-fashion clothing that’s made-to-measure by hand, start to finish.

Sounds like hand-knitting to me.

I call this class Minimalist Couture because students will learn what's necessary to knit the sweater they love to wear.  It will fit.  The fabric will drape properly.  The finishing touches will be ooh la la.

We’re going to talk a lot and test-drive yarn and stitches a lot and then go shopping for yarn+pattern.  We’ll talk some more at that point about whether the design and stitch pattern marries well with a particular yarn.  We’ll test-drive some more. We'll begin with top-down designs because top-down knitting is perfect for trying the garment on and adjusting as you progress.  Like they do in the Paris ateliers. 

This Saturday students will bring a sweater or jacket or blazer that fits.  You know the one -- you wear it because it makes you feel good because you know you look good.  We’ll figure out why it’s such perfection.  Then we’ll measure all of us.  We’ll compare the measurements to the garments that fit us and talk about something called “ease.”
And off we go...

Breaking the rules.  It’s so much more fun that way.



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