Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shimmy, Take 2

Finished blocking Reverse Psychology overnight: 
The color is really quite blue, but I haven't quite got the hang apparently of the new iPhoto thing.

BTW, you can click on any photo to magnify.

Yarn:  Tahiti in color 7617 Bermuda.
Beads:  Aqua TSL 6/0 from stash.  Designer Mindy Ross used a different color aqua bead in her Fringe with Benefits in this Tahiti colorway, which looks quite effective.

Here is RP modeled by Artemis:
I'm quite taken with the little curl on the end:
Hey, this photo color looks about right.  Wonder what I did?

And a couple of close-ups of one reversible bit:
Finally, Artemis also modeled Fringe with Benefits:

 I really nailed the colors in this photo. 

That's it for today.

Tomorrow I have a bit of a surprise for some of you out there -- something that thrills me no end.

All best,

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