Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Joining, part 2, the Laziest Knitter way

I've been experimenting with different color join techniques while making Milano.
Since the body is worked in the round it seemed logical to try the jogless jog.  I must be doing it wrong because the bottom two stripes jogged:
Jogs where it should be jogless.  So I issued a cease-and-desist order on this join for Milano after two tries.  OK, so I'll go back and perform a little finishing magic (think: duplicate stitch) in the finishing.  Which is why you want to leave a slightly longer tail when working with multiple colors -- you just never know when you'll need a little yarn to work with.

See that top join in the above photo, the narrow black stripe?  All I did was cross the yarns the same way you do in intarsia (Knit Fix p. 45).  That's all I did on the first sleeve as well, below,
where the joins are right at the same place as M1 increases.  Call it the intarsia join.  I like it. It's easy and solves the problem.  The second sleeve is enjoying the same technique.

And if this wasn't such fine stretchy yarn, I could be weaving in the tails at the same time as the join, a true Laziest Knitter method I love and use 99% of the time (Knit Fix p. 47 box).  But in Cobasi -- cotton, bamboo, silk, lycra -- weaving in tails this way distorts the stockinette stitch. 

Today is cleaning day at Castle LK, as honorary daughter Emily refers to our house.  DH added several features making the place a cinch to clean; I chose easy-clean bathroom fixtures, etc., plus my decorating mantra is "minimalist."
Ten colors for a slip-stich scarf?  Check.
Ten bits and pieces decorating a table?  Nope.
Making me also perhaps the laziest housecleaner.


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