Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Simple Technique on a Tuesday

Three projects, all knit in the round, all using the same technique for joining in the round:

 Be Sweet Bamboo Blocks of Color tube scarf in seven colors of, yep, Be Sweet Bamboo;

Phiaro scarf/shawl in Handmaiden Rumple (shown) and Artyarns Ensemble Light;

Milano out of nine colors of HiKoo Cobasi.

All knit in the round, all begun using the same Laziest Knitter move:
When you cast on to join in the round, cast on one extra stitch.
Join and work to one stitch before the end of the first round.
Then knit that last stitch together with the first stitch of the second round, keeping in stitch pattern.
That's it.  Voila, the ugly gap at the beginning of the join is closed.

Now can someone explain to me how it happens that I have not one but three projects on my needles right now that are all basically knitting in the round?



  1. I have never done that and now I must try the added stitch. SO easy to understand as you've written it!!!!!

  2. JM, if i remember correctly, I had an extra stitch on whatever I started last (and will finish in a year), and thought, hey, why don't I just stitch these together. A happy accident?

  3. Why is this the first I've ever heard about this fab join in the round!!!! Thank you for sharing it, as that ugly little gap has always really bugged me.
    Your Kni Wit Sister