Monday, August 26, 2013

Shawl wall & cat TV

My latest shawl wall display:

Do you recognize the designs? Hints:  one is from last summer, one is from last month, and one is from, oh, about five years ago.  Taught classes on two of the three, one at String Theory.

And Oz watching as men with lots of trucks put in two new concrete driveways across the street,

 providing hours of cat TV.

Back to joins, etc., tomorrow.  Plus a photo of Soumak:  I want to finish one complete 130-row pattern repeat before showing it off to you.  Oh, my, but Soumak will be beautiful hanging on the wall once done.  That is if I ever take it off moi.  Once done.  Sometimes process and product knitting come together.  Great fun.


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  1. I know the shop is closed for vacation but was wondering if they have any more copies of Knitscene with the "Resistance" shawl pattern. I would love to make one.