Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Multicolor extravaganzas

Here's my studio table as of a few camera clicks ago:
Upper left corner is the body of Milano awaiting four more rows to finish the remaining shoulder --
that's two colors and therefore two color joins.

In the center,
the beginning of Soumak.  That's three colors so far out of ten (lined up on the right in the first pic) and two color joins at the side so far.

You may recall from a previous post that this is also in progress:  Blocks of Color scarf.

If like me you're drawn to multicolor extravaganzas (see pp. 95 and 100 in Knit Fix for earlier but not earliest multicolor projects) you get really good at joining yarn.  (Unless you're working in gradient yarns like Noro, which just require joining new balls of yarn. Not surprisingly, LK loves gradient yarns.)

Noticing a trend here?  Yeah -- joining yarns.  I've decided to do a little photography as I work on Milano and Soumak to show you a few Lazy Knitter ways to join.  One will be the Russian join (no, I don't know why it's called that -- leave a comment if you can explain or even dream up a good story) which requires really sharp sewing needles with long eyes that can be threaded with yarn.  My preference is for darning needles or something called chenille needles.  I've lost so many of these down the sides of my knitting chair and one sofa that the needles now have a new, more secure home:

This darling little needle box is sewn and quilted.  It belonged to my mother-in-law, who besides being a doctor long before women doctors were commonplace was talented with a needle -- knitting, quilting, embroidery.  Imagine how wonderful to have had her sew up a wound with those precise stitches.

Oh, and this is also on my studio table:
It's time to harvest the dried-down lavender flowers, which are right outside the studio door.  See the red secateurs and stainless bowl for details. 


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  1. that needle box/bag is in perfect condition. HOw fun to have that from Mrs. Doctor!